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The original 


of Champagne

(since 2011)

While tasting mass market products, I never found the quality I was expecting from a Champagne. So, I set out to create my own

Martin A. Konorza, Owner & President


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De Watère was founded in 2011 by Martin A. Konorza to discover the true soul of champagne and to create a completely new way of enjoying champagne. The brand's luxury champagnes are produced exclusively in Premier Cru locations in the Vallée de la Marne, Champagne, France.



The proud Gryphon Theodore serves as the guardian of special moments and our strong values. He makes sure that we keep everything tidy around here, too.


The name "De Watère" and its symbol, the gryphon Theodore, are a tribute to Konorza's French ancestors. The family's roots go back further than those of the champagne itself: as the first documented ancestor under the name “De Watère”, a Frenchman can be found in the Doomsday Book in England in 1.086. This long history serves as an inspiration to live up to this long tradition with upright and decent action.


The champagnes that proudly bear the gryphon come from the Vallée de la Marne, France. The sustainably managed Premier Cru vineyards offer the perfect conditions for growing first-class grapes: the mixture of very little rainfall and lots of sun allows the grapes to reach their full maturity potential, which in turn brings out the freshness and finesse of the luxurious champagnes from De Watère.



The same traditional methods are used in the production of De Watère Champagnes today as they were before the Industrial Revolution over 200 years ago. Where possible, the work is done manually. The grapes are picked by hand and the vineyards are plowed with the help of horses. This is gentler on the sensitive soil and avoids the emission of toxins. This approach not only benefits the soil, but above all the quality and purity of the grapes. Of course, De Watère avoids the use of pesticides.

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Constantly in pursuit of the true soul of Champagne, we hand make limited production Premier Cru Champagnes from the pure grapes that are as close as possible to the original Champagnes when they became world famous: before the anonymous industrial mass production.


One key aspect is our respect for our Champagnes. We give them all the time they need to develop in 2,000 year-old caves under the hills of the Vallée de la Marne - until they're ready to show the world what real Champagne tastes like.


The resulting Champagnes entice into a story of happy moments, tickling the taste buds into unknown territory - tasting as pure, fruity and elegant as we wished all Champagnes did.


The attention to detail that is practiced at De Watère is unique in the champagne segment. At Champagne De Watère, “first class” quality is not just a promise, but an important guiding principle for all company activities. By focusing on precise traditional methods, De Watère creates inimitable champagnes worthy of the gryphon.

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The combination of sustainable and manual production methods, the focus on younger customers, as well as modern, minimalist design create unique products and a whole new community of modern, self-confident, young, independent luxury customers. This claim has recently brought about TEN21, which is the first champagne ever to include augmented reality.


If you scan the bottles, the gryphon Theodore comes to life and speaks to the viewer.